brave new world 60 gram artillery shells firework

Brave New World

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Product Description

Twenty-four neon canister shells with 4 launchers.

  • Garnet stars,
  • yellow dahlia with silver glitter 
  • garnet and green glitter 
  • cyan and silver glitter
  • green dahlia with gold glitter
  • brocade and water-blue peony 
  • brocade with pink peony 
  • green spider with silver glitter 
  • red spider with green glitter 
  • purple lemon and gold glitter 
  • sea-blue
  • green and red glitter
  • time rain willows with sky-blue stars
  • multicolored dahlia with silver glitter
  • blue and purple stars with red glitter
  • purple wave and green glitter
  • silver chrysanthemum
  • multicolored dahlia with crackling
  • brocade and sea blue stars with red glitter
  • brocade with silver glitter
  • brocade and cyan stars with crackling
  • multicolored dahlia and silver chrysanthemums
  • red glittering willows with green glitter.

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Special Features

60 Gram Shells


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