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Chameleon Shells Case 3/4/6

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24 piece package of 60 gram shells with 4 mortars.  Color changing effects.  Case of 3 24-packs (72 shells.)  Effects includes:

  1. Purple to blue with chrysantemum
  2. Blue to green with gold strobe
  3. Blue to chrysanthemum mine to blue to chrysanthemum
  4. Lemon to brocade
  5. Flower crown to blue
  6. Flower crown to blue
  7. Gold crown to red and blue
  8. Gold willow to white strobe
  9. Red to green strobe with quick crackles
  10. Gold crown to blue with red strobe
  11. Red to blue to white strobe
  12. Blue to red mine to blue to red
  13. Flower crown to red
  14. Gold crown to red with green strobe
  15. Gold crown to purple with silver strobe
  16. Blue to green with nishiki willow
  17. Blue to red, green, and yellow
  18. Blue to yellow with gold lace
  19. Gold crown with chrysanthemum with green strobe
  20. Red to green strobe
  21. Blue to white strobe
  22. Gold crown to red, green, orange, and yellow with white strobe
  23. Red to green with flower crown
  24. Green, purple to brocade mine to green, purple to brocade

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60 Gram Shells

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