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Chili Peppers Case 1/4


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Product Description

Assorted case of fan cakes.  Case of 4 pieces.

  • Ghost Peppers:  chrysanthemum and color dahlia mine to gold strobe, white strobe, color dahlia, and gold spider.  36 shots.
  • Devil’s Tongue:  brocade crown with white strobe, ti-gold palm with green strobe, flower crown with blue, nishiki willow with green, brocade crown with gold strobe, finale of 6 shots of nishiki willow with gold chrysanthemum.  36 shots.
  • Dragon’s Breath:  cyan with white strobe, brocade crown, gold strobe willow, whistle mine up to red, blue, lemon, purple, cyan, and green with color strobes.  36 shots.
  • Carolina Reaper:  ti-gold palm with blue and color falling leaves, red strobe and silver fish, gold chrysanthemum, nishiki willow, red and white strobe, green and gold strobe.  36 shots.

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Assorted Case


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