Da Big Box O’ Bombs Case of 4/1

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Da Big Box O’ Bombs.  Assorted case of 4/1.  500 gram cakes includes:

  1. Hydrogen Bomb – Whistling tail to red, green, palm with silver glitter and whistle.  Whistling tail to crackling flowers.  6 shots at a time.  36 shots.
  2. Cobalt Bomb – Whistling tails to palms with flashing and whistles.  Thirty-six shots with a 12 shot finale.
  3.  Neutron Bomb – A big blast of comet and flashing tails to bouquets, stars and flying fish.  Thirty-six shots including 12 quickened shots of whistling tails to crackling.
  4. A big blast of crackling tails to red and crackling stars and green and blue bouquets, thirty-six shots with a 12 shot finale.

Unit size:  10.5 x 10.5 x 8 inches



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