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Heavyweights 5 Inch


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Product Description

Heavyweights canister shells.  60 gram, 5 inch shells.  12 shells with 2 fiberglass tubes.  Package size:  28.5 x 5.5 x 5 inches.

Effects includes: 

  1. Special with strobe
  2. Silver crackling willow with green strobe
  3. Gold willow with white strobe pistil
  4. Time rain chrysanthemum
  5. Purple, green, blue peonies
  6.  Multi-color palms
  7. Blue palm with white strobes
  8. Red glittering willow with blue pearls
  9. Red, green strobes
  10. Pigeon blood and sky blue dahlias
  11. Red peony with time rain pistil
  12. Brocade crown with green strobe

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Special Features

60 Gram Shells


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