Legend Assorted Cake Case 1/4

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Case of 4 different cakes.  


Bustin’ Loose:  blue tail to purple peony with green strobe, blue tail to green peony with lemon pistil, blue green mines to blue peony with red strobe, gold mines to red peony with white strobe, red tail to blue peony, finale with red tail to multi-color peony.


Hot Stuff:  red green mines to red green chrysanthemum, red green mines to time rain crackling, spinning tails to silver chrysanthemum crackling, crackling mines to crackling.


What Happens in Vegas:  silver tail to silver wave, silver wave to purple wave, brocade crown mines to green wave, red tail to blue wave, gold glittering to red wave, blue tail to wave willows.


Cross Fire:  silver strobe mines to green strobe willow, red strobe mines to red strobe willow, red and blue mines to gold strobe willow, red blue mines to crackling willow, silver strobe mines to red strobe willow, blue tail to gold willow.  


Unit size:  11 x 11 x 9 inches

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Assorted Case

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