Lord of Darkness

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Product Description

Maximum load canister shells,24 different effects:

  • Multi-color peony w/crackles,
  • red dahlia with white glittering,
  • golden chrysanthemum,
  • jumbo brocade crown,
  • multi-color peony to brocade,
  • brocade crown w/crackles,
  • brocade silver to red,
  • blue chrysanthemum,
  • brocade silver to blue,
  • green silver to blue,
  • green glittering with crackles,
  • brocade silver to yellow,
  • jumbo crackling,
  • silver crackling palm,
  • silver wave to red,
  • red& silver peony,
  • purple & green peony,
  • jumbo silver chrysanthemum,
  • lemon peony,
  • blue/green glittering to brocade crown,
  • purple peony,
  • silver wave to green,
  • golden glittering brocade,
  • purple palm,
  • brocade to crackling palm.

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Special Features

60 Gram Shells

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