Super Nova Case 4/4/6

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Product Description

Super Nova canister shells. 24 piece box with 4 launchers. Effects include:

  • brocade crown
  • brocade crown to green with red strobe
  • brocade palm with white strobe
  • golden willow to chrysanthemum
  • golden palm tree with green strobe
  • golden willow to purple and orange
  • silver chrysanthemum with lemon dahlias
  • golden strobe willow with multi-color dahlias
  • silver strobe willow with green dahlias
  • red strobe willows with blue dahlias
  • red wave with green strobe
  • time rain palm with red strobe
  • multi-color palm tree
  • golden willow to green with white strobe pistilĀ 
  • brocade palm with chrysanthemum pistil
  • white strobe with yellow palm pistilĀ 
  • green strobe with blue palm pistil
  • silver chrysanthemum with red and green strobe
  • blue pave with golden stobe
  • super white strobe
  • silver wave with red strobe
  • multi-color palm with chrysanthemum
  • crackling willow with golden and green strobe

Case of 4 24-piece boxes (4/4/6)

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