Time Bandit Torpedoes Case of 3

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Product Description

Time Bandit Torpedoes fireworks. 32 piece package with 4 launchers.  Case has 3 32-piece packages.   Effects include:

  1. sea blue and deep purple with crackling
  2. green wave and sea blue with red glitter
  3. orange and deep purple with green glitter
  4. sea blue and orange with crackling flowers
  5. blue wave and red stars with white glitter
  6. red, green and yellow dahlia with white glitter
  7. purple wave and green stars with time rain crackling
  8. lemon and grass green with crackling
  9. gold crown and blue stars with green glitter
  10. gold crown and purple stars with crackling
  11. brocade to red with green glitter
  12. brocade to blue with red glitter
  13. brocade to red with crackling
  14. red and blue with crackling flowers
  15. red wave and sea blue with crackling
  16. orange and sea blue with green glitter
  17. orange and grass green with crackling flowers
  18. green stars and orange with red glitter
  19. multi-colored glitter willow with crackling
  20. gold glitter willow with blue pistol
  21. crackling willow with orange
  22. red chrysanthemum to blue with white glitter
  23. green chrysanthemum to red with crackling
  24. sea blue and deep purple with gold glitter
  25. multi-colored glitter willow with deep purple pistol
  26. lemon and deep purple with green glitter
  27. green wave and deep purple with white glitter
  28. red wave and blue with white glitter
  29. orange and blue with green glitter
  30. multi-colored willow with white glitter
  31. multi-colored willow with green glitter
  32. gold crown and red stars with green glitter

Cases are for in store pickup only.

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